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About Us

With the strong brand identity of HYUNDAI and its worldwide recognition, Hyundai Appliances - Africa is introducing a wide range of appliances and electronics that meet our consumers’ daily needs with premium quality and affordable costs.

HYUNDAI Appliances - Africa is committed to excellence and guarantees to provide top-notch products. Our quality control system ensures to manufacture of premium quality appliances that will deliver ease to customers. We don’t compromise on the needs of our buyers and pay attention to minor details that are up to our consumers’ expectations.


Our Vision

We envision a luxurious lifestyle for our end-users and promise to deliver reliable and durable appliances. We believe in turning our visitors into customers by providing them with the products that meet theirneeds. Our vision is to serve the customers with the advanced technology appliances that will open a whole new world of comfort for them. We are always looking forward to maintaining long-term relationships with mutual benefits with our clients

Smart TV

Feature televisons, Smart TV with Android 9.0 and powerful speakers starting from 22" to 60"

Minimalistic Kitchen

Speed Chilling, modern looking design eqipped  with latest design. High effeciency in all of or models starting from single door to side by side.


Powerful cooling, durable body comes with extended warranty and leak proof design. High effeciency and low power consumption.

Washer & Dryer

Innovative design and powerful motor that comes with 5 years of warranty. We use latest technology to improve your laundry experience.

Image by Mick Haupt

Large capacity, modern and elegant looking showcase are just made for you. Comes with glass deisgn and metal grills with heavy load bearing capacity.

wd grph 3.png

Sleek design, bottom floor mounted and also comes with extra storage and refrigerant if you need. Our water dispensor model are built to fit with your house and improve the asthetics.

Air Conditioner

Our air conditioners use the best technology available in the market to ensure you get all the feature. It is designed just for homes and offices  so that you enjoy maximum cooling.

All You Need

We have laid the foundation for selling HYUNDAI appliances and products on quality assurance. The HYUNDAI branded products come in premium quality that is ever-lasting and exceptional. We ensure the products we supply are in working.


“Experience better lifestyle”

Young Family
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