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Inverter AC

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i-Series 12

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i-Series 18

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i-Series 24

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i-Series 12 Pro

Coming Soon
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i-Series 18 Pro

Coming Soon
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i-Series 24 Pro

Coming Soon

Our DC inverter AC automatically slows down and operates at minimum suitable capacity after reaching the set temperature.This dramatically reduces energy consumption compared to conventional non-inverter models


Equipped with tropical compressors made by renowned manufacturers, the air conditioner is
able to bring you a cooling experience which feels like winter at the quickest time even at high temperature up to 58℃.


It comes with stabilizer free operation which prevents voltage fluctuations and also ensures safety, savings, ease and comfort. It can easily operate under 160 - 265 V range.


Nonstop cooling in 60℃ ambient temperature. Air-cooled electric control box technology
is applied to effectively cool down temperature of electric parts in outdoor unit.



Its 3-step filtration process helps to clean the residual dirt and bacteria that get stored in the fans & air ducts., enabling you to get fresh air always

*available in Pro series only


All our tubing/coils are made of 100% copper including evaporator, condenser and all other connecting pipe to give our product long lasting life.


All our Air Conditioners are specially designed for MEA region. Our T3 compressor can easily withstand extreme high outdoor temperature. It has dual rotary compressor which is energy efficient, minimal vibration, and offers faster cooling.


Enjoy life long comfort with Hyundai AC that features gold fin technology for faster heat transfer and resistance to corrosion. This protective coating will protect from harsh climate and rust.


Hyundai Inverter AC's are equipped with 3D air flow. The louver can be adjusted vertically and
horizontally,so that it can ensure you enjoy
comfort air in every corner of the living space



Our Sleep mode creates the desirable temperature automatically for a good night’s sleep. It is almost noiseless operation and more relaxing cooling experience.


Keep your air conditioners clean with minimal effort. Our filters can be easily accessed and taken out for cleaning purpose.


All our AC are equipped with hidden display which gives it modern look. It auto detects the error and shows the related code on the screen. Its self diagnose feature helps you for quick resolution in case of an error

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