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Double Door Direct Cool Refrigerator 323 L


Colour               : White

Volume              : 323 Liters

Voltage              : 220 V / 50 Hz

Noise level           : 40  dB

Refrigerant          : R600A

Waranty               : 5 Years


323 L

Power: 120 W



Low Noise


Interior Lamp


Longer Freshness

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5 Year Warranty


Easy to clean

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Modern Design

Has a minimal door design with Hyundai Branding on top. It is available in white colour. Its a small elegant looking device that will sure serve its purpose and give your kitchen an elegant look.

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Easy to Clean

Its Safe Clean due to its minimal and smooth design can be easily wiped clean. It also looks neat and provides added durability by protecting them from accidental bumps and knocks. everything is more hygienic and food is less likely to go stale.


Egg Tray

A large capacity egg box provides a convenient space to store all of your fresh egg in one place, this tray is optional so you can customize as per your needs.


Keep all your fruits and vegetables fresh in spacious glass base compastment. Bulky cartons of milk and juice and more beverage items without wasting space.So even dishes that are prepared in large pots and pans can be kept cool and fresh.

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Image by Catalin Apostol

Heavy Duty Shelfs

This model includes wire shelfs so never worry about your heavy weight pans and bottles as this is designed to handle such situations. With extra safety never worry about the amount of stress you will be putting on these shelfs.

Energy Effecient

Never worry about your electrical bills as our refrigerators are super effecient in terms of power consumptions and output delivery. These compressors use modern technology that typically uses low power.




Colour             : White

Climate Class : ST

Volume            : 245 Liters

Finishing         : Painting

Glass Shelf     : 2

Freezer Shelf  : 1

Metal Shelf     : 3

Refrigerant     : R600a

Special Features

Star Rating                   : 4

Handle Customization : Yes

Adjustable leg              : Yes

Egg Tray                       : Yes

Interior Lamp                : Optional

Vegetable Crisper        : Yes

Door Lock                     : Optional

Removable Gasket       : Yes

Adjustable Leg             : Yes

Power and Dimensions

Energy class                  : A

Freezing Capacity         : 3 Kg/24h

Input Power                   : 120 W

Energy Consumption    : 0.93 KWh

Net Size                         : 598x590x1810

Packing size                  : 640x620x1860

Net Weight                     : 55

Gross Weight                 : 59

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