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LED TV - Smart (Android 11)

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Bold Series 55x

Coming Soon
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Bold Series 50x

Coming Soon
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Bold Series 43x

Coming Soon
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Experience clear picture and performance as it is powered by AOSP Android 11 and comes with Dolby for great audio-visual experience. Powerful processor ensures you get up to 4K resolution for the content you love. You'll also experience more lifelike colour expressions due to its new HDR panel. HDR optimizes every scene, delivering delicate detail and rich color. You will enjoy any video content in amazing HDR quality.

hyundai tv colors.png

Our intelligent processor analyses your TV content in hundreds of separate zones to adjust the brightness and darkness. The picture quality is simply improved and treats your eyes. You will enjoy a amazing viewing experience with great contrast especially in dark. It delivers sharper picture contrast, enhances image details and brings wider colors.

Hyundai TV optimizes color reproduction using its AI technology, which takes your viewing experience up to the next level. Our complex algorithm can remove any detected noise, and reproduces a clean image. Each and every pixel will look sharper and clearer to get overall better viewing experience on your existing content. It can easily distinguish between the slightest differences in the input signal, and compensate to produce a final result that is uniform and realistic. Whether it’s TV Series, documentaries or movies, you’ll enjoy every colors the way they were meant to be seen.

Hyundai Dolby TV.png

With great display comes great responsibility to handle audio. And we have taken that responsibility very seriously because with stunning video quality, we have complemented immersive stereo Dolby Sound. It ensures that you get to enjoy life like audio - visual experience. It will automatically enhance dialogue and volume level to deliver consistent listening experience. With our powerful box speaker our Hyundai TV will for sure deliver crystal clear sound quality.

Hyundai TV BACK.png

We know how much you love to connect external devices to your TV. Let it be PC, game console, Home theater, hard drives, headphones or old DVD player. Our TV can connect with every device you have. Every port is very conveniently located for easy access and provides access to multiple devices at once. Watch unlimited movies, TV series, documentaries, cartoons and sports content for you to enjoy non-stopped entertainment with your family.

Hyundai TV PROCESSOR.png

Hyundai Bold series TV is fueled by ARM CA53*4 Powerful Processor and G52MC1 GPU. This is coupled with high performance Embedded Memory + ROM 1.5 GB + 8 GB. Maxhub Share casting feature and Android open source OS running on version 11 ensures you enjoy massive applications like Netflix, prime video, YouTube and many more.

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